Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010 and WHY 5K?

Todays run was a little more diffuclult. i think because I am a bit sore, and secondly I altered my running place, and it includes more hills. Today was not as cold. All of the layers seemed to make me sweat profusely, and i shed them throughout the 30 minute workout.
i have yet to measure my run, the method i am using calls for time spent not distance yet.
I am looking to be running in Lancaster's race Against Racism. It is a 5K. (3.1 miles).
I have never considered myself a runner. In high school i did cheerleading and softball, never in which required a lot of running. i dreaded the "mile" in gym class and shuttered at the thought of "cross country". my endurance is/was totally in the crapper...excuse my french. So why the Change?
If you take a look at my other blog, you will see, I am a busy FT mommy, to two very busy boys. I hate the fact that when i am running up and down the steps 100 times a day I am out of breathe and light headed. My days are busy with, making meals, doing laundry/dishes, cleaning, babysitting, and running back and forth to the boys activites. Granted I HEART my mommy job tremendously....but at the end of the day, I feel "lazy"
Not the type of lazy that i don't do anything, but lazy that i don't do any excercise persay.
So inspired by a few fellow "friend" runners, I have set my first goal for a 5k. "YOU can do it if you train" they all said.......
so here I am proving to myself in 2010 that I CAN do something I always told myself i couldn't do, GO ME!

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