Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday Run 1/14/10

great day to run it is heat wave around here ( actually it topped 46 degrees today)..... I will take it! The plan chnaged today, the workout got three minutes longer and running time increased. It kicked my butt. Shin splints are back, and i am feeling it tonight!!!!!
looks like I may have begun to lose about two pounds or so. Still trying to find info on the Race Against Racism in Lancaster this spring, haven't founf a thing...anyone have news on that????

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday Run 1/11/10

Today i decided to run during the warmest part of the day (4pm). i didn't have as many layers today. Still a whopping 30 degrees f, with a windchill, so it was cold enough. i got my first cramp early during the workout, yucko...anyone know what causes those anyways???
Seemed to be slow moving today, and really tired afterward. shin splints, have diminished now to nearly nothing.....
my regimen changes on my next run, excited to see if it seems much harder, still can't see myself running this whole race without stopping once, however there is a lot to do yet, so we will see. I am off to buy a stop watch!

Run #3

Saturday's Run 1/9/10

Today's run was good....cold again, but ending in sweat. I am running on the road again because of ice and stuff on the sidewalks.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010 and WHY 5K?

Todays run was a little more diffuclult. i think because I am a bit sore, and secondly I altered my running place, and it includes more hills. Today was not as cold. All of the layers seemed to make me sweat profusely, and i shed them throughout the 30 minute workout.
i have yet to measure my run, the method i am using calls for time spent not distance yet.
I am looking to be running in Lancaster's race Against Racism. It is a 5K. (3.1 miles).
I have never considered myself a runner. In high school i did cheerleading and softball, never in which required a lot of running. i dreaded the "mile" in gym class and shuttered at the thought of "cross country". my endurance is/was totally in the crapper...excuse my french. So why the Change?
If you take a look at my other blog, you will see, I am a busy FT mommy, to two very busy boys. I hate the fact that when i am running up and down the steps 100 times a day I am out of breathe and light headed. My days are busy with, making meals, doing laundry/dishes, cleaning, babysitting, and running back and forth to the boys activites. Granted I HEART my mommy job tremendously....but at the end of the day, I feel "lazy"
Not the type of lazy that i don't do anything, but lazy that i don't do any excercise persay.
So inspired by a few fellow "friend" runners, I have set my first goal for a 5k. "YOU can do it if you train" they all said.......
so here I am proving to myself in 2010 that I CAN do something I always told myself i couldn't do, GO ME!

Starting day. Sunday January 3, 2010

Starting day. I picked the worst day to begin my training. 22 degrees with a wind chill factor of 10 degrees F. Just lovely. However if I dont begin today, I feel like I never will. So i bundeled up: three layers 1. long underwear, 2. hoodie, 3. Thermal fleece, not to mention turtle fur, facemask and gloves/hat.
i am using a training method called the maffetone method, he is a doctor who started this plan, for a pain free endurance experience. I was surprised that I didn't struggle more during the "run". todays plan was a 30 minute workout. It went surprisingly better than i had imagined, and ended with a burst of energy. i wasn't cold once I got moving, and i am proud that i never once altered the running plan to my advantage! yah, workout number one : SUCCESS!